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Volunteer Deposit

The Fort Saskatchewan Rebels Lacrosse Club will be introducing a volunteer fee for the upcoming 2016 season. We have been fortunate to have so many great volunteers step up to fill key positions within our club. Coaches, managers, Executive members and parents have all given their time to make our club a success for the players. However we are faced with a shortage of volunteers like so many other organizations.

Beginning in the 2016 season the Rebels will require a post-dated $150 cheque per family (1 per family, not per player dated June 15). This cheque is to be given to a board member at evaluations or at your child’s first practice. Should you complete a Volunteer Opportunity, that will fulfill your family volunteer requirement. If your Volunteer Opportunity is not completed by end of your team's season, your cheque will be cashed. Some of the volunteer positions include coach, team manager, jersey parent, level director, or even being a part of Rebels’ community activities. A comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities is now posted on the website. Parents will still be obligated to help out with their child’s regular team duties (i.e. scorekeeper, shot clock operator, timekeeper, etc.).

It is not the Rebels' intent, nor does the club want to cash any volunteer deposit cheques.  Our club goal is to have $0 income from the volunteer deposit.  

Interested in Volunteering?

We are looking for board members, coaches, level directors, team and community event volunteers.  To see the list of opportunities avilable, click HERE.  To volunteer, please email