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Mini tyke 


March 28 1800 DCC arena 

We currently have one coach for mini tyke and need two coaches helpers as well as a team manager.

your Head Coach  is chris greenaway 587-334-7821 

Tyke - practices 

march 22 1800 DCC arena

march 29 1800 DCC arena 

This season our tyke program has been a huge success as such we have two teams. The teams will be split evenly prior to the start of the regular season so for the time being both tyke teams will practice together. At tyke we require one head coach 2 -4 assistant coaches / coaches helpers and 2 team managers. Currently we have one head coach chris greenaway 587-334-7821 



march 22 DCC arena 1900

march 26 DCC arena 1800 

March 27 DCC arena 1800

Your head coach is Rob Little, we also need 2 coaches helpers/ assistant coaches and a team manager.



march 26 DCC arena 1900

march 28 DCC arena 1900 

At peewee we are in need of a head coach as well as 2 assistant coaches / coaches helpers and a team manager.


march 22 DCC arena 2000

march 27 DCC arena 1900

march 29 DCC arena 1900

Your head coach is Jason Fournier we also need 2 coaches helpers/ assistant coaches and a team manager.


March 24 Westwood 1600-1800

march 26 DCC 2000-2100

march 28 DCC 2000-2100

Your head coach is Kevin Parker and the assistant coach is Dennis Dykes We still require one assistant coach and a team manager. 


If if you have any questions please contact your coach directly or reach out to us Via Facebook or send us an email or