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FAQ > Why? > Why Should Women Hockey Players Play Lacrosse?

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  • Lacrosse and hockey are very similar sports
  • U.S. College scholarship opportunities in lacrosse are available
  • Hockey players excel in lacrosse
  • It’s a great method to increase physical fitness in hockey’s offseason
  • Team sports build self esteem, respect, integrity, & fairness
  • Lacrosse teaches leadership skills
  • It helps prevent sport burn-out by playing a new, fast-paced sport
  • Players of all fitness levels and abilities can compete in lacrosse
  • A player can learn basic plays and strategies
  • A player can learn to play both offensive and defensive positions and make a quick transition from defence to offence and vice versa
  • It reinforces the importance of quickness and agility around the net
  • Lacrosse increases hand-eye co-ordination when stick handling
  • It teaches players to play with their head up and to be more aware of their surroundings
  • Offensive scoring skills are honed by shooting at smaller targets and picking corners
  • Defensive skills are taught with individual and team concepts
  • Lacrosse teaches the creativity of fakes, back passes, & shots
  • Women’s Field Lacrosse stresses and teaches team strategies that are most useful to inspiring hockey players
  • Women’s Field Lacrosse players require no equipment other than a stick, women’s box lacrosse players can use hockey equipment and need only to add arm and backpads

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Last updated on May 11, 2010 by Fort Saskatchewan Rebels Lacrosse