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FAQ > Playing Schedules > Where can I find information on when my child's lacrosse schedule?

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The GELC website contains information on when your child will play during the week, as well as the length of the lacrosse season.

From the website:

Tykes will play on Tuesdays or Thursdays beginning the week of April 21.  The weekend wrap-up event will take place on June 16, 17.  They may play a weekend game against teams from Westlock.

Mini-tykes will play on Wednesdays beginning the week of April 21.  They will also play in the June 16, 17 wrap-up event.

Novices will play wherever possible on Tuesday and Thursday nights, as well as Friday evenings and Saturdays as required to complete the season.

Schedules for PeeWees and up will depend on where your child is placed in the tiering system.

GELC play-offs will tentatively start June 21 and run through to July 10 (for some divisions of play only).

Provincial play will occur the first two weekends of July following the Canada Day weekend.

Last updated on February 28, 2012 by Fort Saskatchewan Rebels Lacrosse