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If you are interested in coaching please contact Billy Kelly via email


All coaches must complete the approved coaching clinic for the appropriate level of play you wish to coach. To take these clinics will only cost you 1 or 2 days of your time and lunch is provided.

  • Mini Tyke & Tyke - Community Innitiation
  • Tyke thru Peewee - Community Box Development
  • Bantam thru Junior - Competitive Introduction (Must complete Community Box Development)

For 2016 coaching clinic dates go to the coaching section of the GELC Website.


All coaches please contact Billy Kelly via email to discuss openings for coaches for the upcoming season.  He will confirm your spot with the GELC for the course of your choice. You may also need a code to enter the online coaching program.

You must have this code to complete the pre clinic assessment for the appropriate course and to register. Your club will be billed for all codes provided to coaches. Once you receive the code you must complete the pre clinic assessment and once it is successfuly completed you then must register into the appropriate course date.

Note: you do not need a code if you have registered previously on the website. But you will still need to pre-register with the GELC office to be assured a spot in the course you wish to take.

After you have completed the online registration and pre assessment, you will then attend the coaching clinic date you selected and committed too. At the completion of the in class and on floor portion of the course you will be required to complete a work book online. This must be completed by March 30th of the following year, or you will have to start over.

Please inform your club your interested and wish to attend the coaching course.

You need to insure you have the appropriate trainning before advancing to the next level.

The link to the online course is as follows:

Special note:

Field and Box Community Development courses:

Starting January 1,2013 ,all box and field community development courses will do the same workbook. Therefore, coaches who attend community box development clinics in multiple disciplines will only need to complete one workbook to obtain trained status in all of those disciplines.

Coaches are required to attend both disciplines (field/box) clinics to complete training This change is not being grandfathered to coaches who completed workbooks prior to January 2013.